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Networked Services & Society Degradation



One commonly overlooked aspect of the internet is the sheer lack of material ownership; I've spoken to a few people about this whenever people ask me what I do or what my goal is.

Instead of getting into distributed ledger talks, to which most will and do look at me confused, not wanting to explain what bitcoin is, this tends to be my go-to subject; my conclusion has never been refuted even by the most technophobe of the lot.

Suppose you remember a time before the internet. In that case, you'd be well aware that "back in the day", if we wanted to have pictures, you would need to take a picture using a non-digital camera, take your finished film to a photo shop/pharmacy to get developed, waiting a few hours or days to get the physical copy.

These days our pictures and memories are easily captured and shared, but how many are stored on a device you own? Do you know how many photos you can access without an internet connection? Without the input of any company, would you be able to tell me?

No is the likely answer; we have all migrated to a digital world; how convenient, but at what cost? In my opinion, as a child, you don't have many things; when we were young, our picture collection was most certainly one of those few items we owned, in some cases, the only or first ounce of control of our lives, many will remember their memory boxes about now I'm sure.

Today, the kids no longer own those memories; it is uploaded, shared and critiqued or not, loved or not, and unfortunately, children these days make the devastating choice in some cases to end their existence before they even get a chance to live one at the behest of pretend remote friends.

Kids today can use the detachment of the internet to abuse one another with mean comments and private groups, much like the school grounds. In contrast, in our days, you required the balls to be hurtful as literal fist cuffs would result; today, kids can participate in bullying, get an ego boost, and forget it while pushing the target towards internal anguish.

Too many kids create negative images of themselves due to digitalised magazines promoting wildly skewed photos of bodies; image editing abilities readily available with filters that at least once upon a time required artists to confine it to print magazines, now everyone holds in their pocket the ability to remove wrinkles, change the lighting and push an image forwards to other minds that are not even real.

The advancement of A.I imagery and textual content generation that is pushed forwards at lighting speeds for the primarily commercial end is now starting to filter into social media; the terrible social situation and impact of the internet is edging ever closer to a point where we might have to age restrict the internet.

I'm reasonably sure that in the coming years, a significant shift in the dynamics of the internet is required; the days of one extensive global network are becoming not only hazardous to children but to adults too; I can see information segmentation becoming the norm with geo-locked content a given, but not just country blocking but county/state sandboxing too, the issue is we will want this, we will need it unless we tackle the problem of big tech pushing out features without thought to the outcome in the future years.

Teaching your kids how to handle the internet is as required as the birds and the bees talk, so what can we do about this? Is this a problem for privacy/confidentiality projects? I think it is; I'm pretty sure by the time my children are old enough to be harmed by the internet, we will be running family networks, peering with friends and relatives on an ad-hoc arrangement.

This outcome will be a total nightmare in its own right creating all kinds of issues for public safety and requiring measures from governments that people will not want; when we were designing Lethean's version two endgame, keeping in mind the project was the first or second dVPN on chain but certainly the first confidential one we skipped ahead to the issues of the future highlighted in this post.

The internet has to change, and it is changing; the only real question is who will be in charge, corporations or the people & their governments; this is why our project is essential; this is what keeps our community together, checking discord while others overlook us due to the exchange price.

For the Lethean community, what we do and why we do it has very little to do with cryptocurrencies; yes, we use the technology. Yes, we currently are in a state where we disabled our VPN because we are designing and building to a much different timescale for issues in their extreme infancy.

If you are new to Lethean, we welcome you to join our community. If you've been around for years, know that the time since the original dev team left in 2019, much work has been done to progress the project forwards; compared to the days of IntenceCoin, it's no longer the same project; it's grown up into a much bigger fish than anyone thought was possible.

Helping the project by getting involved with time or donations is greatly desired and needed; we don't track locations but certainly know which data centres have been serving our content... Say hello, ask questions, make demands, and get involved. 


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